Training for my first BIG run

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Over the years I have done a few ‘long distance’ runs. I am still yet to complete a marathon but I have a few half marathons under my belt, amongst other things.

Although I had enjoyed running at school (I loved the 800M and 1500M track events) I had to train for a good 3 months or so before running my first ever 10km a few years after leaving school.

Running and general exercise are an excellent outlet for me personally, I have always found that once I get into a solid exercise regime it is easy to stick to. The hard part is actually getting into the routine.

I learnt that it takes 25% cardio, 25% diet, 25% routine and 25% mental stamina to run a long distance.

Instead of planning a whole weak of what exercises to do when, and what food to eat for each meal I found it best to set myself targets rather than actual tasks. Some examples: “I will go for 3 runs this week and build up to 5km by the end of the week.” “I will eat my 5 fruit and veg today and have 1 carb dish”. “I will do 3 cardio and 2 weight sessions this week.”

Another useful thing I found was signing up for running events. My most productive times have been when training for an event. Knowing I have a goal in mind helps me push myself harder. My first run was for charity and I told everyone about it, this definitely motivated me to train properly.

Finally, I will say that slow and steady is fine. I didn’t run for over a year after my last half marathon and I managed about 1km before having to stop. If it is your first time running, remember that you don’t start at the finish line. A week of running for 10 minutes a day is better than no running at all.

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A quick BIG Fitness introduction

Big Fitness Blog

So you can probably tell by now that I have quite a few interests. One that I wish I focussed more on was my fitness and health. It is sometimes hard to fit it in to my daily routine but it is still a passion of mine.

I am not a fitness expert, but I do have a bit of experience with it in general. I actually liked P.E in school and even joined in with some of the after school sports teams. I got back into fitness about a year or two after leaving school, when I started long distance running.

I have found exercise to be an excellent tool to treat my mental health and have gone through stages of struggling with motivation to being completely obsessed. I was recently able to find the balance and cannot talk enough about how it has positively impacted my life.

I thought I would create the ‘Big Fitness Blog’ to talk about my experiences and show people that you don’t have to live/eat/breath exercise to enjoy it and to also show how fitness can help your mental health.

Keep an eye out for my first ‘Big Fitness’ post where I talk about training for my first ever 10km run.