Visiting Britain is the new way to travel

Big Guest Post

My boyfriend and I travel.. A LOT.

We love planning trips and experiencing new places – you can see our journeys here. As much as we love getting flights and visiting new cultures, we really enjoy trips around Britain as well.

The good thing about travelling Britain (if you leave here) is it can be spontaneous! We can just decide to get in the car and go. Even if you don’t drive the public transport in England is fantastic and easy to use. You can get anywhere.

Britain has a great variety of landscapes, from coastal to woodland and farmland to city. You could go travelling for a year and spend it all in England.

I recently interviewed Twitter user Meg about her experience, here is what she said.

1) What advice would you give to someone who wold want to take a weekend break in England?
My main advice would be to bring a coat, no matter what time of year you’re coming. The weather is so unpredictable! And always bring a warm outfit – the temperature can drop quickly during cooler seasons. 
2) What are your favourite activities to do whilst taking an England break?
My favourite activities whilst on a break in England include surfing in the south, camping up north, or just relaxing in a lodge in a forest somewhere. 
3) What would you pack for an English break?
I would pack undies, and fluffy socks, tops, jeans, shorts, and swim stuff! 
4) What method of travel do you prefer and why?
Since i have my own car, i do prefer driving places as it gives me more freedom, but i do enjoy going on the train to and around the cities. 
5) Any other advice?
My main advice would be to always keep a decent amount of cash on you, as our country still has stores that don’t always accept card.
Let me know about your own travelling in Britain experiences in the comments.


You can also follow Meg on Instagram here.

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