Shooting landscape images at night

BIG Dreams Photography (5)

I took me quite a while to figure out which style of photography is my favourite. I tried out so many. Ranging from studio to editorial and from landscape to pack shots.

Eventually, I realised that I had a knack for (and quite enjoyed) landscape photography. I have a few different collections but one of my favourite styles is Landscape at Night. There is something very satisfying about the glistening city lights.

Due to the lighting differences it takes a lot of patience to get the image right. If you have the shutter speed too high then it’s too dark, too low and it can blur without a tripod (which I don’t always carry). Higher ISO makes it more noisy and lower too dark. However, the patience pays off when you get your final image.

One of my first successful images was of the Brooklyn Bridge in November 2014. I think it took about 50 shots to get this just right..

brooklyn bridge

I was on a role that evening as I managed to also get this shot of the Manhattan Skyline.


We walked around for hours trying to get a good view. Here’s me, taking the shot:

me taking image

I’ll try not to drone on too much about the New York skyline but here is another image I took of the city at night. This was a few days later. Taken from the top of the Empire State Building:


I did take a break from photography for a while but here is a shot I got a few months later of a taxi boat in Dubai (April 2015):

dubai boat

I recently experimented with black and white night photography. I found there was less of a glare. Here is the outcome of the Sydney Harbour at night in black and white (April 2017).


Although Night Landscape Photography isn’t my strongest genre it is one of my favourites. Keep an eye out for my next blog post where I showcase my sunset skills.




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