BIG Dreams Photography – My First Camera

BIG Dreams Photography (5)

When I was about 6 or 7 years old my dad gave me a little black camera. I can’t remember the exact model, it was something similar to a Nikon Nice Touch 35mm. For about a year or so I was really devoted to carrying around this camera and taking pictures of literally everything.

I had about thirty 35mm films that needed to be developed. These sat on a shelf and gathered dust until a few years ago when I took them all to Boots so I could finally view my childhood masterpieces.

Alas, about 90% of them where poorly lit, blurred, or my finger was covering the lens or flash. The photos that were salvagable fell into one of 3 catagories; my cat Sootz, my twin brother or my garden. Or on occasion all 3!

I had actually forgotton about this year long obsession that I had experienced until I was in my final year of college – where I was studying photography!

And with that we reach a full circle.

I don’t really practise photography much anymore since leaving college and gaining so many other commitments, but I still enjoy taking my trusted Nikon D3100 out on adventures with me.

So if you want to read about my on-again-off-again relationship with photography and see some fairly average photographs or want to get into photography and would like some tips, feel free to subscribe or follow my social media.




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