Life In Lower Level Management – An introduction and a reality check

Life In Lower Level Management Header

There are several things that had peaked my interests in recent years. One of them being my enthusiasm for personal success.

After progressing up from a part time office role (and first ‘real’ job) I have spent over a year running a team of 12, in my first ever management role.

Recently I decided that a needed to branch out on my skill set, as my ever itchy feet indicated that there may be a dead end to my progression from here.

I started to work alongside an apprenticeship agency. Whilst interviewing I was hit with a harsh reality check. A role in ‘lower level management’ is not as impressive to my peers as I had first thought.

This couldn’t possibly be true.. could it?

After much thought, I came to the conclusion that there is no guide book to talk you through the steps of running a team if you’ve never done it before. When a person falls into their first rung management roll, whether through luck or hard work, it is very much a whirlwind of trial and error.

Yes, very well done to you. You’ve jumped through the hoops that have been set out. You have hit your targets and gained a little respect around the office. A role became available and you’ve aced the interview. The job is yours!

Now what?

I hope this blog will be of some comfort or support to people in this position.

Keep reading my posts to see what to do when you reach the ‘now what?’ stage and how to survive life in lower level management.




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